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(March 20, 2020 – Des Moines) -- Yesterday afternoon Iowa Governor Reynolds held a press conference where she and Dr. Caitlin Pedati aimed low in their strategy of keeping Iowans informed about the coronavirus, potentially harming public health. The press conference may be viewed at this link and appropriate direct transcription is given below.

In addition, earlier today Governor Reynolds released a State Public Health Emergency Declaration, which, among other things:

Extends expiration deadline for a permit to carry and a permit to acquire a firearm and additional measures

This was the third measure on the list, placed above agriculture, business, and the entry allowing related state agencies to implement the state’s public health emergency plan, so we at the Eddie Mauro for Senate campaign simply want to make sure that Governor Reynolds knows: You can’t shoot the virus.

Also, yesterday when asked by WOI-NBC’s Dave Price:


Can a person not showing visible or apparent symptoms and still be a carrier first of all and if you do wouldn't we be better off by having far more testing going on right now so that we can quarantine these folks.

Dr. Pedati stated that further testing isn’t required as it wouldn’t result in an action that would be beneficial, stating:


If I wash my hands then we've stopped transmission right and even if somebody you know were to be mildly ill if I stay six feet from them there's not an opportunity for transmission.

This is false.

The New England Journal of Medicine, as reported in USA Today, has released a study that shows the coronavirus can live up to 3 days on certain surfaces. Also, CNN is reporting many instances of asymptomatic transmission, with comments echoed by the Trump administration’s coronavirus response coordinator, Dr. Deborah Birx:

"Until you really understand how many people are asymptomatic and asymptomatically passing the virus on, we think it's better for the entire American public to know that the risk of serious illness may be low, but they could be potentially spreading the virus to others. That's why we're asking every American to take personal responsibility to prevent that spread."

We need testing. We need action.