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Mauro Responds To Governor Reynolds Attack On Women's Rights

Des Moines, IA – January 14, 2020 -Eddie Mauro (D-IA) has released the following statement after Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds claimed there were no constitutional protections for abortion in Iowa’s constitution in her state of the state address.

The right to an abortion has been litigated time and time again, and a constitutional amendment places thousands of Iowa women at risk.

This is the GOP playbook, attack women’s rights at the same time that they block legislation to raise the minimum wage - ensuring families can sustain themselves; attack women’s rights while they gut Medicare and Medicaid, making it harder for mothers to access the healthcare they need. Enough is enough.

It is time for men to join in this fight, and make sure we are supporting our neighbors, co-workers, bosses, mothers, daughters, and friends, protecting them from the draconian impulses of Iowa’s GOP.