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Mauro Releases Progressive Immigration Policy

(March 26, 2020 - DES MOINES, IA) -- U.S. Senate Candidate Eddie Mauro (D-IA) has rolled out a comprehensive immigration reform policy, designed to uplift and preserve the dignity of the hardworking immigrants that help make this country thrive.

At a virtual town hall yesterday, Mauro discussed the importance of some of these policies with a number of local leaders, including Alba Perez, Marlu Abarca, Jeff Fager, Ph.D., and Steve Villatoro.

“We aren’t treating people with the dignity and humanity they deserve,” said Mauro. “Anyone who is looking to come to this country to make a better life for their family should have the opportunity to do so.”

Community activist, Founder and former Chairwoman of the Asian & Latino Coalition, Som Baccam, added “Eddie has been supporting immigrants from all walks of life for decades. Whether it is fighting for DREAMER’s and DACA recipients to get drivers license, or helping organize housing and food banks for African refugees, Eddie has shown himself to be a true ally.”

The text of the policy can be found below and on Mauro’s website here.