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Mauro on Sondland Misconduct Accusations: No One is Beyond Justice

(November 27, 2019 – Des Moines) After the publication of multiple accusations of sexual misconduct against U.S. Ambassador to the EU and star impeachment witness Gordon Sondland, Democratic Senate Candidate Eddie Mauro has released the following statement:

These accusations are deeply disturbing, and appear to show a pattern of behavior from Ambassador Sondland that must be fully investigated. We have seen stories like this before, powerful men using their position to take advantage of women. Victims of sexual assault and misconduct deserve to have their stories heard, no matter who they are accusing.

I applaud Nicole Vogel, Jana Solis, and Natalie Sept for their courage in coming forward, sharing their stories, and helping create a world where no one, no matter how powerful, is beyond the reach of justice.