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Mauro Campaign Responds to Theresa Greenfield’s Corporate Donations

(Des Moines, Iowa) – Eddie Mauro’s (D-IA) campaign spokesperson, Keegan Brown, has made the following statement on Theresa Greenfield’s Q3 finance filing:

Greenfield wants you to believe that she’s not beholden to big corporations and isn’t accepting corporate PAC money, but let me be clear - her largest donors, Senate Leadership PACs, are raking in big dollars from Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, Big Insurance and Wall Street. Greenfield is practically laundering corporate money through Chuck Schumer and Senate Leadership PAC accounts.

Iowans don’t think it’s very “Iowa Nice” to pull the wool over their eyes like this. They are sick and tired of politicians who don’t level with them, and keep playing the same tired political games that sent Joni Ernst to Washington. Playing the political game where they pretend to stand-up against greed and powerful influences in our politics, but then accept their help with a wink and a nod. Iowans want a Senator who says what they mean and practices what they preach. If Theresa were serious about her “No Corporate Money” pledge, she would return those contributions.

Eddie Mauro is a Democratic candidate for United States Senate in Iowa. He has pledged to refuse all Corporate PAC money, is refusing donations from leadership PACs to his campaign from PACs that accept corporate PAC money, and would ban Leadership PACs under his campaign finance proposal. Mauro is a community organizer, former public-school teacher and current businessman from Des Moines.