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Mauro Calls on Fair Board to Stop Sale of Explosives, Nazi Items

(October 16, 2019) Eddie Mauro’s (D-IA) U.S. Senate campaign, delivered a letter to the State Fair Board President, Gary Slater, detailing disturbing discoveries made at a recent gun show held on the fairgrounds. The letter highlighted at least one vendor at the show that was selling explosives precursors, such as ammonium nitrate; specialty ammunition, including armor-piercing and Dragon’s Breath rounds; alongside Nazi and white supremacist paraphernalia.

The Mauro Campaign has called upon the State Fair Board to immediately and voluntarily enact rules prohibiting vendors from selling these materials on public land and has started a petition for Iowans to join in calling for these reforms.

“When I learned about what was going on at the state fairgrounds, I was shocked and dismayed. Bombs are being sold in our backyard,” said Mauro. “What’s more disturbing, is that these weapons were being sold alongside, and even promoted with, racist and fascist imagery. Our fairgrounds cannot be a haven for hate and violence. It is time for the Fair Board to step up, and do the right thing.”

Mauro has called for a number of important gun measures to improve safety throughout his campaign, including closing the gun show loophole, a new assault weapons ban, nationwide gun licensing, and extended waiting periods for purchase. He is also calling on local leaders to do their part to help protect our community.

“Under current Iowa law, anyone could have walked into this gun show, purchased multiple rifles, thousands of rounds of armor-piercing ammunition, explosives, and chemical precursors, wrapped all of their purchases up in a brand-new SS flag – without ever receiving a background check. This is a clear threat to our community, and one that needs to be addressed immediately.”

In-person and phone interviews with Eddie Mauro will be available both Wednesday and Thursday, upon request. Photos of the offending items and a copy of the letter are included with this release.