Confronting Climate Chaos - Fighting Climate Change and Protecting Clean Water for Future Generations

Our country, and the planet, are in the midst of climate chaos and change brought about by humans that have pumped massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We must act immediately, aggressively and in a sustained fashion to confront this crisis. This isn’t a red vs. blue issue - it’s about the survival of the human species, our national security and our way of life.

Net-Zero U.S. CO2 Emissions by 2045: We need a Marshall Plan level of investment across both public and private sectors to make the United States a “net-zero” CO2 emission nation by 2045. This will leverage American leadership, technical innovation, research & development and public policy to achieve the goal of ending our reliance on fossil fuels while transitioning to a fully renewable economy.

Tripling Renewable Energy Research & Development Funding: We should triple (3x) the amount of R&D funding that the federal government contributes to renewable fuels and energy research. We must work with industry leaders across agriculture, energy, transportation, and other industries to collaborate on ways to take research to market, collaborate on ways to create American jobs, and maximize both the environmental and economic benefits of urgent action on climate.

Working with Farmers to Protect Soil, Air and Water: Let's combat the threat to our lives and livelihoods presented by increased flooding of Iowa farms and towns, hotter summers, and more frequent and powerful storms. I will sponsor a bill to partner with our farmers, helping them to transition to farming practices that pull carbon out of our atmosphere and reduce pollution, and fairly compensating them for their contribution to our shared health and safety. This will include incentives to help transition farmers to no till practices and cover crops, expansion of CRP, CREP and other Farm Bill conservation title programs to protect and restore wetlands.

Farmers are one of our greatest potential allies in conservation and fighting climate change, but they have to make a living, so we need to compensate them for the services of cleaning our water and air while growing our food. A well designed system of grants, subsidies and incentives can make "farming" clean air, water and soil a viable venture for our farmers.

Rejoin the International Community: I support the United States rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and declaring that climate chaos is a national emergency and national security crisis. This will include immediately committing to an aggressive agenda of investment in renewable energy, massively reducing our use of fossil fuels, and fully accounting for the cost of CO2 pollution in the way we price fossil fuels in all of their uses. Ultimately, the United States needs to have net-zero CO2 emissions across all sectors by 2045.

Banning Fossil Fuel Extraction on Federal Lands: To preserve our resources, environment and way of life for future generations we must ban further mining, drilling and fossil fuel extraction in our national parks.

Adaptation & Infrastructure Investment: We must confront and accept the fact that some climate change is inevitable and that we must invest in critical infrastructure to adapt to these changes and protect the most vulnerable communities. This should include investment in agricultural infrastructure to help protect and maintain sources of water for crops, livestock and people. Additionally, support for infrastructure that protects our coastal and riverfront communities to confront the need to address flooding concerns. Finally, by fully funding FEMA and our obligations to protect vulnerable communities throughout Iowa and nationally.

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