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Political campaigns have simply become too expensive. Candidates and elected officials spend more of their time raising money rather than actually listening to their constituents and talking with their colleagues in order to find common sense to the challenges facing us. As US Senator, I will be a leading voice for serious campaign finance reform laws that do the following:

Prohibit Special Interest and Corporate Money from Influencing our Elections: This money has corrupted and is destroying our democratic institutions. It has undermined the public’s faith in our elected officials.

Overturn Citizens United: I will support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United which has resulted in a flood of almost unlimited money from multi-millionaires who influence our elections in near secrecy.

Stop Leadership PACs: End the use of “Leadership PACs” by elected officials. These PACs are largely designed to allow elected officials to raise money in excess of current campaign contribution maximums. In turn, this money is funneled to the campaigns of other candidates. These “Leadership PACs” make a mockery of campaign finance laws.

Empower Candidates over Corporations: Reward candidates that meet a reasonable threshold of campaign contributions from INDIVIDUALS from their district or state with matching funds.

Real Public Debate: Provide candidates, regardless of money, free access to the public’s television and radio airwaves over the final six weeks of a campaign - communicating ideas should not be limited to the candidate with the biggest war chest - it is simply undemocratic.

Empower State & Local Government: I will ensure that states and local governments have the ability to propose reasonable content-neutral limits on private campaign contributions or spending by outside groups.

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